Gutter Installation from Experienced NJ Roofers

It’s very easy to neglect your gutters during a roof install, but this is a huge mistake. After all, it’s the gutters that are going to be responsible for keeping your new roof clear of water and debris. Install gutters that are of lower quality and you could quickly find yourself needing to hire more roofing contractors to replace them – or even repair damage done to the entire roof! My Roofing Contractor is a reliable gutter installation and repair contractor on both commercial and residential properties in New Jersey, and we’ll make sure that your rain gutters are designed for your needs.

Install Gutters That Last

Bordentown-20120411-00164 (2) In order for your gutters to work properly, they have to be created and installed with surface area, average rainfall, water weight, and number of hangers in mind. The experienced NJ roofers at My Roofing Contractor understand the role that your roof’s square footage and slope should play in gutter installation, and will always use this information to calculate average rainfalls and how much water weight each section of your gutters will likely need to hold. Determining this tells them how many hangers will be needed to support the gutters and how far apart they should be spaced.

Common Problems Roofing Companies in NJ Face with Gutters

All good New Jersey roofers know that there are a number of problems they have to account for when installing gutters in the area.

  • Clogs. If your gutters were not designed or installed correctly, or you neglect to have them cleaned regularly, leaves and other debris can collect and cause clogs.
  • Sludge. As debris turns to sludge, it attacks and corrodes the metal, which could lead to you needing a new gutter installation again.
  • Leaks. There are many things that can cause gutters to leak. When clogs from ice or debris back things up too much, water overflows. Warping from exposure to the elements can cause the gutters to pull away from the house, letting the rain drain in unwanted areas. But worst of all are leaks caused by inexperienced roofing contractors who made mistakes when designing or installing the gutters.

New Jersey Roofers That Understand

The benefit of working with My Roofing Contractor is that we have a comprehensive understanding of roof installation, including working with shingle roofs, flat roofs, slate roofs, and more. Other gutter installation companies focus solely on the gutters themselves, ignoring the important role that roofs play. We also bring the added comfort of working with the same company throughout your entire roof installation. No worries about juggling multiple roofing contractors and paying separate companies, which only serves to increase your cost. When you work with us, the work will be completed quickly and efficiently, and our friendly staff will always be willing to help.