Paving Stones & Their Uses

Building Amazing Outdoor Living Spaces in NJ with Paving Stones

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No one wants a driveway or patio that’s just a big, boring concrete slab. Paving stones and bricks can dress up your space – and they can be installed at an affordable price with My Roofing Contractor.

Create a design that ties your indoor and outdoor living spaces together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Our patio contractors work with paving blocks – decorative patio blocks that can be designed to mimic a number of different materials, and shaped in a wide variety of ways. Essentially, they’re a kind of outdoor tile that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to their beauty, durability, and versatility.

Types of Pavers:

  • Concrete pavers. This is one of the most popular kinds of paving blocks out there because it’s inexpensive to install, lasts for a long time, and can be used to mimic a number of more attractive materials, such as cobblestones, flagstones, and bricks.
  • Brick pavers. People love these because they’ve got a classic beauty to them and are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Because of their smaller size, they require more time for installation and are more costly option.
  • Stone pavers. Almost any kind of stone you can imagine can work as a paver, but the costs vary greatly. Your best bet is to find stones available at local quarries. My Roofing Contractor can help guide you to the most cost-effective solution by leveraging our relationships with vendors.
  • Gravel paving. Though it’s initially the least expensive option available, the problem with gravel paving is that you will have to add new layers and smooth it out to keep it looking and working as well as it can.


Where Can Pavers Be Used?

If you have an outdoor space, chances are good that paving blocks can be used there. My Roofing Contractor customers most commonly ask us to use pavers for:

The most common image most people have of a cement patio is a big, gray, rectangular slab that does little more than cover over a patch of grass and offer a place to sit. But if you build a paver patio, the result is going to be a little bit different. There are so many different kinds of shapes, colors, designs, patterns, and finishes available in our patio blocks that no two patios are exactly alike.

Whether you’re looking for a good material to create a path through your plants, something to divide your garden from the rest of the lawn, or unique garden patio designs, pavers can be an answer that’s both affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Like patios, driveways in the past have, for the most part, been drab, boring things that only exist to serve a particular function. Paving blocks change that by bringing style to the place you park your car without all of the hassle involved in using different kinds of stones or materials. With pavers, our driveway contractors can give you that brick trim you’ve always wanted, make your driveway feel like part of the lawn with grass peeking through, or have it seem like a natural extension of your indoor tiles with a style that matches them.

Pool Decks
Give the deck area around your pool a bit of flair by choosing the concrete patio pavers that best match what you’re looking for. You can rest assured that they’ll withstand both water and kids for years to come while offering you something that you can appreciate while the little ones are splashing around.


Why Choose Concrete Pavers for Your New Jersey Home?

Still not sure whether concrete pavers are right for you? Here are some very good reasons to consider them.

Repairs are cheap and easy. In the old days of giant concrete slabs, most people dealt with things like cracks and chips by doing their best to cover up the problem with sealants and other repair products. Unfortunately, all too often this ended up looking shoddy, and the homeowner just had to live with it. You won’t have that issue with My Roofing Contractor’s patio pavers. Because they come in several smaller pieces, when one or two of them get damaged, you can easily replace only the damaged parts. This makes for a job that’s cheaper, easier, and more aesthetically pleasing.

They endure. No matter what kind of inclement weather New Jersey throws at these patio pavers – even if the soil beneath them shifts – they are designed to resist cracking, crumbling, slipping, fading, and skidding. They’re also designed so that they won’t absorb moisture or lift up, which some paving stones have been known to do.

Unheard of 25-year warranty. And if you do experience some kind of cracking or breaking, it’s covered by the manufacturer’s incredible 25-year warranty that no other paving company anywhere matches.
They’re slip resistant. Many of the more attractive types of tile and stone tend to be problematic when you want to use them in areas where people will be running around because they are smooth and can easily become slippery. The paving blocks we use for our New Jersey clients don’t have this problem because they come with a built-in slip resistance. That means you won’t have to worry as much about anyone slipping and falling – an especially important feature if you’re pool coping pavers and you have kids.

You won’t find a stronger paving material. Just how strong are concrete pavers? Four times stronger than concrete, 10 to 20 times stronger than asphalt, and they can withstand at least 8,000 PSI.

The combination of beauty and versatility is unmatched. We dare you to try to find a material out there that can be used in so many different ways, all while retaining its aesthetic appeal and core functionality. No matter how you look at it, patio pavers just can’t be beat.

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