Shingle Roofs

If you have a house, chances are good that you have a shingle roof because it’s the most popular kind of residential roofing in the US. Unfortunately, all shingle roofs eventually start to show signs of wear and tear, and can even start to leak or malfunction in other ways. When this happens, you can try to keep making smaller repairs, but many people find that the cost of roof replacement is actually less than all of the money they end up spending to maintain their old roof. A roofing contractor that provides a range of roofing services from repair to replacement can advise you best.

What to Consider When Replacing Your Shingle Roof


If you do decide to go ahead and replace your roof, you’ll face another question: do you have your contractor keep the shingles that are already there and add a new layer on top of them? Or do you completely remove your shingles and start fresh?

Experienced professionals will tell you that keeping the old shingles can often be helpful, since they will act as another barrier that keeps out moisture. Beyond this, it can be quite expensive to get rid of your old shingles, so keeping them can save you money. Of course, you can only do this if your existing roof has just one layer of shingles already and have flat decking that has been well-maintained.

Get a Shingle Roof Replacement Inspection

You’ll know a lot more about what you can and can’t do after you have a roof replacement inspection. The inspector will be able to tell you how many layers of shingles are already there, if there is any sagging along truss lines or the ridge, if distortion may prevent new shingles from lying flat, or if there is any rot. If that’s the case, the old shingles have to be taken off.

Delaying on Shingle Roof Replacement Can Make the Problem Worse

Replacing a roof is a big job, which sometimes makes people try to put it off, but this is a mistake. Put off fixing even the smallest amount of damage because it doesn’t seem like a big deal, and you could be opening yourself up to a much bigger problem. Damaged roofs can cause leaks, which lead to rotting wood, problems with mold, and more. Waiting puts your family in danger and will likely end up making you pay a lot more in the end.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that a shingle roof needs to be replaced every 20 years, or when you start to notice an excessive amount of wear, tear, and damage to the shingles. You can make your roof last as long as possible by having routine maintenance done like fixing cracked shingles, gluing down shingles that have curled, and replacing individual shingles that have gotten too damaged.

Not sure how to tell if your roof is bad or not? Talk to a roofing specialist.

Flat Roofs

Damage to flat roofs can be caused by many sources, anything from people walking on them to intense weather. No Thermoset Single-Ply (EPDM) matter what type of flat rare structural roofing repairs needed, it’s better for us to fix them now instead of just putting new roofing materials on top of a deck that’s deteriorating.There are four standard groups of products for flat roofs:oof you have on your home, there are many options available when it comes time to replace the old roof with something new. Our Flat Roof replacement specialists begin by taking off the entire top layer of your roof deck. This is called a “tear-off,” and it ensures that your flat roof will have the best chance at lasting as long as possible. Doing this allows us to carefully examine the roof deck to ensure that everything is in good condition. If there
  • Thermoplastic Single-Ply (TPO)
  • Modified Bitumen Built-Up (SBS)
  • Conventional Built-Up
Those with a roof deck made of metal will probably want a system that’s lightweight, but building owners with equipment that’s mounted through and above the flat roof should go for something that will resist puncturing and stand up to wear and tear.Ultimately, it depends on how you plan to use the flat roof. This decision is incredibly important, and if you don’t feel confident in your knowledge, we’re more than happy to help you provide you with information from well-respected sources in the roofing industry.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Replacement

Pinpointing leaks on sloping roofs is hard enough; flat roofs make it far more difficult because there’s no way of knowing which way the water will go. Typically, water damage on flat roofs won’t be visible anywhere close to the original leak, so it’s vital to consult with an experienced roofing professional to uncover the source of the problem.The professionals at My Roofing Contractor understand that the best way to locate a leak is to wait until the roof is totally dry on the surface. Otherwise, you’re just taking a stab in the dark. Our flat roofing experts look for typical sources of leaks, including things like nail heads that are exposed and holes or cracks in the flashing or near the seams. Our team will also be able to discover sunken spots on the roof where rain might puddle by looking for dirt rings and areas that are discolored.And discovering what needs to be fixed on your flat roof, of course, is only the beginning! Flat roof repairs can take a long time, and most people simply don’t have the necessary tools or knowledge to do it. If you want to make sure that your flat roof is fixed correctly the first time, call in an expert from My Roofing Contractor.

Slate Roofs

Experts say that slate roofs are probably the most durable kind our there. They can last for centuries, and stand firm against practically anything that Mother Nature can send against them. Beyond this, slate roofs won’t fade, rot, or catch on fire, and insects can’t get in. Slate roofs were incredibly popular in New Jersey in the 19th and early-20th century, but despite all the good things about them, few new buildings today use the material. Why? Because slate is quite expensive when compared to other kinds of roofs, and if maintenance isn’t handled correctly, it can lead to all kinds of problems. Since slate is mostly found on older religious, institutional, and government buildings that were built to stand the test of time, the goal should be to maintain the original look and repair instead of replacing whenever possible.

When Possible, Repair Your NJ Slate Roof Instead of Replacing It

Mystic_grey_slate_roof (2)If you have a slate roof, make sure that you find NJ roofers who specialize in working with the material and know what to look for and how to do it. It’s far too common for inexperienced roofers to jump the gun and want to replace slating instead of checking for other kinds of problems and repairing the roof. Just a few things that many roofers miss include:

  • Flashings that are worn or corroded
  • Leaking gutters
  • Subpar attic ventilation
  • Damage that only affects a small area

Fixing these other moisture sources can often allow roofers to save and repair the original slate – but only if they are paying attention and know what they’re doing!

Take Care When Replacing a New Jersey Slate Roof

If your slating does need to be replaced, the next thing to watch out for is a roofer that doesn’t use the right materials. A slate roof is part of history, and you absolutely want to make sure that any replacement slating will match and preserve the integrity of the rest of the roof.

There’s also a lot more that goes into replacing a slate roof than one that uses different materials. For instance, your roofers should only strip sections

at a time and install felt to make sure that the whole subroof isn’t open to the elements. They’ll also need to any wood sheathing that shows signs of rot, and check the structural integrity of the roof. If any timbers appear to be stressed, they might have to bring in a structural engineer. And finally, you may want a restoration architect to work on the specifications and drawings  if a new slate roof is required.

My Roofing Contractor is well-versed in slate roof repair and replacement, and we’re ready to meet all of your slate roofing needs with our wide array of slating materials – both reclaimed and totally new. Because if how important it is to properly maintain your slate roof, we’re happy to create an ongoing maintenance plan for you that will enable us to catch potential problems before they get worse.

For New Jersey slate roof repair or slate roof restoration, give My Roofing Contractor a call.  Our experienced slate roof restoration and repair experts will find the areas that have been worn or damaged and recommend a plan of action. After your immediate needs are addressed, our roofing specialists will develop a maintenance plan, enabling you to really enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your new slate roof.