Siding Installation

Refresh the Look of Your NJ Property with New Siding Installation


At My Roofing Contractor, we know that your house isn’t just where you live – it’s a reflection on you and on your family. If the siding on your property looks worn down and out of date, it can make you feel bad about your entire house – not to mention bringing down the overall value!

Siding replacement can be a great way to overhaul the look of your house without costing you an arm and a leg. Our siding installation options include vinyl siding, cedar siding, and fiber cement siding, depending on the look you want and the kind of material you prefer.

Use My Roofing Contractor for High-Quality Siding Installation in New Jersey

My Roofing Contractor isn’t like other roofing companies in NJ that simply read a siding installation manual and decide to open a business. We have many satisfied customers because we put a focus on service and quality.

Our siding installers are always masters of their trade who are fully trained and qualified to give you the kind of work you deserve, and we demand that our staff offers only the highest in courtesy, craftsmanship, and professionalism. For your protection, My Roofing Contractor is fully licensed and insured.

My Roofing Contractor: Install Siding Right the First Time


Siding installation and siding replacement should never be taken lightly, because it’s often the first thing that someone is going to notice about your house. If you’re not sure what kind of siding is right for you, our experienced roofing professionals are always ready and willing to help.

Vinyl siding is probably the most popular kind available because it’s inexpensive and effective, requiring very little maintenance. However, some people want to stay away from it because it’s not particularly environmentally friendly. This is especially true when vinyl burns, because it can release all kind of toxic compounds into the atmosphere.

Cedar siding is appreciated by many for its natural resistance to weather and the way that it looks, but it is wood, which means that it can burn just like vinyl. Cedar siding also requires more upkeep, which means more ongoing costs for you, and it’s also vulnerable to rot and termites.

And then there’s fiber cement siding. This material is non-combustible, so it’s not susceptible to fire, and there should be relatively little maintenance involved after it’s installed. Thicker panels can be quite durable, but if you opt for fiber cement siding that isn’t as dense, it will likely need to be protected from impact.

Talk to My Roofing Contractor in New Jersey today if you’d like to discuss which one is right for you in more detail. Want the best results? Work with experienced NJ roofers.